The Dirt Pigs

Hosts of Pigstock August 16th - August 18th 2019


1. All games are to be seven (7) innings. In the event of a tie, games will continue inning by inning until a WINNER is determined.

2. Mercy Rule: 10 runs ahead of opponents runs after 5 or more innings. In a championship/consolation game: 15 runs ahead of opponent runs after 5 or more innings.

3. Toss of a coin will determine HOME team.

4. No infield practice allowed prior to games or between innings.

5. No leadoff on bases until ball has been hit.

6. No metal cleats allowed.

7. Any foul tip caught - the batter is out.

8. Suicide line will be used and no sliding into home plate. (No touching home plate.)

9. Each team is allowed three (3) courtesy runners per game. (Anytime, anywhere, any player)

10. Pitcher - a minimum of three feet arc is required, after the ball leaves the pitchers hand. No maximum height.

11. Team reps are responsible for notifying their players and coaches of all tournament rules/game times.

12. Ladies will use 11” ball.

13. Fourth (4th) strikes foul and batter is out. Runners can advance at own risk if caught.

14. Pitching distance for each division – Ladies 46 feet and Men’s 50 feet.

15. Ball hitting home plate will be ruled “dead ball”

16. Teams must bat all players.

17. Minimum of nine (9) players are required to start and finish a game. If only nine players are used, then the tenth (10th) player will be an automatic out when batting occurs.

18. Any player, coach or manager kicked out of a game will be out for that game only.

19. * NO TRUNK BARS * – Alcoholic beverages to be consumed ONLY in the designated licensed area. Any player or team violating this rule will be subject to suspension from tournament play.

20. Only coaches/managers or designated players (no more than two) are allowed to question umpires
decision about the game.

21. CONDUCT – any player or team official is responsible for his own conduct both on and off the field. Failure to comply with tournament rules will be dealt with by the Dirt Pig Tournament Committee.

22. All other rules will be covered by the Slo-Pitch Ontario Association Official Rules Book.

23. The Dirt Pigs ball club is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen articles or any injury that may occur on or off the playing field.

24. Diamond #3 - if ball rolls up and over dike, ground rule DOUBLE. If ball hits on top of dike or clears dike, home run.

25. Umpires are not liable for jewelry worn on player(s) which may cause injury.

26. BAT RULE: This tournament will be banning all bats that appear on the ASA non-approved bat list. Any PLAYER caught using a non-approved bat will be ejected from the tournament. ONLY approved ASA bats can be used. The bat in question will be removed from play immediately by the tournament committee, and returned to the violating player at completion of tournament.